Mfair Bangkok 2019

[New]  【Buyer】Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a company with 100% Japanese investment capital, specialize in manufacturing the Japan top household electronic.With advance technology have been summed up for more than 90 year in Japan.


We are producing automotive safety devices(seatbelt fitting,etc)by integrated systemstart from progressive press processing to assembly.In January2013,our new factory was established at AmataNakorn Industrial Estate,Thailand.

[New]  日本伸管株式会社 / Nihon Shinkan Co., Ltd.

We’re expert of aluminum cold drawing process, supplied OA, Vehicle, Camera field. We can manufacture high precision aluminum pipe and bar, shape of hexagonal or ellipse etc.. also drawing after machining, grinding & Assembly.

[New]  【Buyer】キヤノン ハイテク タイランド / 【Buyer】Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.

Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) is Inkjet Printer manufacturer located in Thailand. Our company was established on Aug 1990 which invested by Canon.

[New]  イーコッツ / ECOTS CO., LTD

MUSUBI THAI web platform for fabrication parts. Automation machine need to replacement the parts such as maintenance, overhaul and consumption part, ECOTS platform will provide best solution for your replacement parts.


With a variety of products and Just-In-Time delivery, we are a leading distributor of Cold Drawn Bars in Japan. We can deliver the product on the day of order (Samutprakarn Province), even though it is only for one piece.


We are providing IT solutions for the factory. Main product →Support analysis of causes of defective products. 【Business】System Integration, Other. 【Locations】Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.


Wholesale trading company 100% invested by Nichiban Japan whose territory is Thailand domestic, ASEAN, South Asia and Middle East. Mainly wholesale various kinds of industrial and medical tape made in Japan.


Metal plate & Metal machining parts, handling orders from single piece with short lead time. We will provide products with Japanese quality from Amata city in Rayong .

アンスコ タイランド / ANSCO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

Ansco, that is No.1 small-sized socket screw maker, will supply the high-strength and high-accuracy bolts made in THAILAND.

[New] Metal Parts

We can perform in-house maintenance the machine of progressive & single die press, assembly, EDP coating, and barrel. For any inquiry or requirement about mass production and emergencies support, please feel free to contact us.

[New] Packaging material

Corrugated box with offset printing or Flexo printing

[New] Mechanicals part

Die/Mold maker, Plastic injection manufacturer, Screw, Metal Fabricator (Die less)

[New] PRECISION OF COLD DRAWN BARS SS400 S45C SCM435 SCM415 and Finishing Plate

Cold Drawn Bar (Round) SS400 S45C SCM435 SCM415 SK4F-G PLATED SHAFT Cold Drawn Bar (Hexagon) SS400 S45C SCM435 Cold Drawn Bar (Flat ) SS400 S45C Cold Drawn Bar (Square) SS400 S45C Finishing Plate (Next Day Delivery)

[New] Super Alkaline Ion Water

Usage of the Super Alkaline Ionized Water. As replacement for Caustic acid, Hypochlorous acid, Slightly Acidic Electrolyte Water, Ozone Water, Alcohol, Organic Solvent.

Valios of Mold parts

Valious of High Precision mold parts by Cutting, Machining, Grinding, EDM etc.

Sheet metal, Stamping products

Valious of sheet metal, stanping process by our subcontractor network in Thailand

Punch Pin

Available various Punch Pins with step, taper, special shape Diameter : 30μm~ Tolerance : 0.1μm~