Mfair Bangkok 2018

[New]  サイアムシステムコンサルティング / Siam System Consulting Co., Ltd.

Implementation and Supports Super Stream accounting system in Thailand also System planning. System development, System operation and maintenance. ERP consulting. and engineer outsourcing, etc.

[New]  テクニクス サーフェース タイランド / Techniques Surfaces (Thailand) Ltd. (HEF Group)

HEF group, whose origin is a tribology research center, has developed surface treatments and taken a lead in its innovation. In the exhibition, we show our contract research activities, TUFFTRIDE, low temperature DLC and so on.

[New]  【buyer】Makita Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Makita Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is manufacturing company who produce Power Tool Products under brand " Makita and Maktec " We are looking for new local vendor to support part and start business with us.

[New]  Slist (Thailand) Company Limited

Slist(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. is able to provide a reliable & effective solution for paper packaging to ensure customer's best value for money without compromising on standard.Our product is Edge Protector,Honeycomb paper,Paper Pallet.

[New]  タイ サンコー 株式会社 / THAI SANKO CO.,LTD

Pressed product, and deliver at a total package a molded article from conception to mass production.

【バイヤー】ホンダロック タイ / 【buyer】Honda Lock Thai Co., Ltd

It is a company that manufactures and sell parts for motor cycle (KEY SET · WHEEL SENSOR etc.), parts for car (KEY SET · OUTSIDE HANDLE · DOOR MIRROR · WHEEL SENSOR etc).

Superman Foam Industry Co.,Ltd.

We established in 2004, in order to produce the goods related to packaging of automobile, electronics and furnitures, etc. We always offer the better products with never be satisfied the present condition.

Abatek (Asia) Public Company Limited

We are a leading global manufacturer and supplier of rubber parts, silicone keypads, membrane switches, assemblies, connector, thermal pads and various input solutions for use in automotive, medical and electronic devices.

JSR Trading Bangkok Co.,Ltd.

We, JSR Trading Bangkok Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of JSR Corporation, supplying synthetic rubber ,rubber chemical products and steel made logistic equipment

コバヤシコーポレーション(タイランド) / Kobayashi Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.

Auto parts by precision machining and grinding. By efficient combination of in-house production machines and commercial machines, we respond to customer’s demands of mass production and multi-kind and small quantity production.

[New] Spining

We are looking for suppliers of bellmouth production by spinning.

[New] Dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, mold temperature controller,

We deal with Plastic molding ancillary equipment, Dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, mold temperature controller, etc.

[New] Solvent recovery equipment

We collect used solvents such as thinner, toluene, MEK, acetone, methylene chloride, etc. in our company without pollution and always regenerate almost the same as fresh liquid.

[New] water activator to remove scale, red rust, and red water.

It is a permanent water activator with permanent magnet. You can expect to solve this product by installing it in the piping and passing it through water, so you can solve problems such as scale, red rust and urine stone.


GENECH IoT Cloud makes your ideas IoT and realizes IoT solution.If you have no idea how you can make an IoT solution or you want to solve your issues with IoT, please stop by our booth. We show you examples of IoT solution.

Screw Press Dehydrator

The Screw Press Dehydrator developed by our company has been developed mainly for reduction of industrial waste and reuse of resources and is used by various Japanese food manufacturers. In addition to the high processing capacity as a dewatering machine, by effectively utilizing dewatered garbage, it can be recycled as ecological feed 'Eco Feed', contributing greatly to the reduction of disposal cost, which leads to a reduction of environmental burden.

Aluminum forging parts

Want to order 2nd processing of aluminum forging parts. *We will provide original parts when we will order. Required companies which have many CNC lathe (gang tooling lathe).