Mfair Bangkok 2019

[New]  キワインダストリー / KIWA INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.

Kiwa Industry Vietnam has established Japanese quality.We can supply low to high volume with various kind of products with our machining Center, NC milling, Wire-electrical discharge machine, grinding machine etc.

[New]  新城ベトナム / SHINJO VIETNAM CO., LTD.

Business Description:Production and sale for weld nut and piaccing nut and Screws and Rivet / Produce:Weld nut and piaccing nut for 2-wheels and 4-wheels vehicles. and Screws and Rivet �

[New]  引地精工(タイランド)株式会社 / HIKICHISEIKO(THAILAND)CO.LTD.,

We are engaged in industrial labor-saving machines from design (machine and electric) to manufacturing and assembly. We mainly deliver to companies related to automobiles, home electronics and aircraft.

[New]  株式会社 いわき精機 / IWAKISEIKI CO.,LTD

We have our in house Integrated production facilities,(one stop service)to meet the diverse needs of the customers.

[New]  大連クレスト電子有限公司 / Dalian Crest Electronic co.,ltd.

Dalian Crest Electronic Co., Ltd. was started in 2006 with main specialisations in the processing of mechanical parts,metal plate ,moulds and custom-made automatic equipment design and produce,equipment assembly,EMS.

アスプローバ株式会社 / Asprova Corporation

As a specialized company of Production Scheduling System we provide productions Researching, developing and selling "Production scheduling system Asprova APS" as well as system integration and system consultation.

タイ ムラカミ株式会社 / THAI MURAKAMI CO.,LTD.

Our company started from production of the Fans & Blowers.Since the first step, we have consistently expended effort to provide more efficient, low noise, and low price products to meet customers’ requirement sincerely.

Tai Thai Rubber Co., Ltd

We are Tai Thai Rubber.We are a professional rubber parts manufacture and we have set up our company in Banbueng Chonburi for 13 years.Our products are extensively applied in many field such as eletronic, automotive and industry.

カストロール タイランド / BP-Castrol (Thailand) Ltd.

Castrol Thailand develops, produces, and distributes lubricants and metalworking fluids for industrial applications. Our contribution to customer is to realize Total-Cost-Reduction & Perfect HSSE.

[New] Drill screw

The drill screw contributes to labor saving by working under hole drilling + screw forming + fastening at once. Our pierce bisk boasts stable sharpness and head fly strength without unevenness even at low load due to unique cutting edge and quality control similar to strict automobile parts, and prepares various shapes and sizes with iron and stainless steel material We do.

[New] Blind rivet

Our blind rivet with specially-made triangular head mandrel which helps to keep the joining function stable at a wide range of joining even only by standard specification. Simple joining process is extremely easy for unexperienced workers. Only need light hand riveter to finish process simply and speedily. Joining several pieces of material sheet from one side. Especially suitable for difficult cases such as sealed parts or where uneasy to insert the tooling from underside of joining parts.

precision mechanical parts

automatic equipment design and assembly,presion mechanical parts

Design and Manufacture FA equipment

Design and Manufacture FA equipment, manufacture for various machinery parts, manufacture and design of the device housing.

rubber parts

100% customized rubber parts. Oring, seal, gasket, grommet, diaphragm etc.

Fan guard

Fan guard