Mfair Bangkok 2019

[New]  株式会社あしたのチーム / Tomorrow's Team

One of Best Venture 100 in Japan, specializing in the construction and operation of personnel evaluation system, No.1 HR Specialist in number of introduced companies in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Singapore.

[New]  Abatek (Asia) Public Company Limited

We are a leading global manufacturer and supplier of rubber parts, silicone keypads, membrane switches, assemblies, connector, thermal pads and various input solutions for use in automotive, medical and electronic devices.

[New]  フローバル株式会社 / FLOBAL CORPORATION

FLOBAL founded 108 years and supply piping and tubing components for manufacturer with over 800,000 items including PB stainless steel valves and fittings. We also sell JCS brand hose clamps in Japan, China, etc.

[New]  三次元スキャンテクノロジー協会 / 3D Scan Technology Association(3DST)

We are 3D digitizer association. We were established to support as 3D scanner adviser, also provide advice for anyone who is new to 3D digitization. We are conducting activities to disseminate measurement know-how for companies.

[New]  オービットファステナー株式会社、澤久工業株式会社 / Orbit Fastener Company Limited, Sawakyu Industries Company Limited

Established in the UK in 60s and since then has been well known for its reliability and high quality, during the 70s ORBIT’s facility was relocated all manufacturing facilities to Thailand, more than 500 million pcs. sold.

Hi-Q Plas Co., Ltd.

We are a leading plastic injection molding company providing total solutions from in-house mold making, mold modification and repair to plastic injection and secondary process such as silk screening, color spraying, pad printing.

株式会社カノウプレシジョン / KANOU PRECISION (JAPAN) CO.,LTD.

We have been working hard to pursue Japanose quality standard products at Chinese competitive pricing.Our company specializes in FA automation parts,Press deep drawing goods,and Press mold parts.Wermly welcom to Kanou group.


Leading manufacturing for Rubber Compound and Rubber Molded parts for all industries.


Nippon Chemical Industrial was founded in 1893, as a manufacturer and seller of electronic materials, Organic Phosphorus Compounds, Agrochemical intermediate, Semiconductors, etc. Mainly for phosphorus, Silicate, Chromium, Barium

City Pla (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

We have Cutting Plastic about CNC machine and Lath machine 3D and 5 axis material stock PEEK, POM, MCNYLON, PTFE,PE , PVC, PP, ABS, MC CDR 2/6/9 , UHMW, PMMA, PC, PFA, PET, UNILATE, Etc Order from 1 PCS and Mass production

[New] IoT Workers Management System

It is a system that can confirm the actual work status of workers in real time. It is also possible to know whereabouts in the field other than at the time of entering and leaving, and also helps prevent fraud. Data on the movement of workers is accumulated by IoT, and appropriate employees management can be performed, and efficiency of productivity can be improved.

[New] Castrol Industrial Lubricants

Do you have any problem in current your Lubricants, such as cutting oil & Rust preventive oil, Hydraulic oil? Please consult with current your problem. Castrol would always support your production improvement as global lubricants supplier. Metal Working Fluid / Hydraulic Oil / Cleaner / Rust Corrosion Oil / Gear Oil / Form Oil / etc

[New] New Technology Coolant: Castrol XBB

Castrol XBB use a dual-action chemical buffer that resists changes in pH. The result is better machining performance, for longer than standard cutting fluids. XBB is apply to global chemical regulations & environment laws.

[New] Dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, mold temperature controller,

We deal with Plastic molding ancillary equipment, Dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, mold temperature controller, etc.

Zinc Diecasting

Zinc Diecasting OEM

Handles AB-460 Series

● Waterproof (using O-ring and sheet packing) ● For both left-hand and right-hand use.(the left-hand or right-hand use can be changed by reversing the cam and stopper plate) ●Finish:Satin chrome plating ●Specific Use:Electric distribution and control panels


Various sizes are available