Mfair Bangkok 2019

[New]  フルタ電機株式会社 / FULTA ELECTRIC MACHINERY Co.,Ltd

We are makers suggesting the blower for duties and control equipment by a system. It has a wide thing from the field of agriculture to the industrial fields such as a semiconductor, the food factory.

[New]  【Buyer】キヤノン プラチンブリ タイランド / 【Buyer】Canon Prachinburi (Thailand) Ltd.

Canon Prachinburi (Thailand) Ltd. is producing Multifunction Copier machines for office use.

[New]  福井鋲螺(タイランド) / FUKUI BYORA (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

Our company has factories both in Japan and Thailand. We have more than 1,200 header machines in total. We are producing our products (rivet, shaft, pin) mainly for automotive and electronics industries by cold forming technology.

[New]  【Buyer】Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a company with 100% Japanese investment capital, specialize in manufacturing the Japan top household electronic.With advance technology have been summed up for more than 90 year in Japan.

[New]  新城ベトナム / SHINJO VIETNAM CO., LTD.

Business Description:Production and sale for weld nut and piaccing nut and Screws / Produce:Weld nut and piaccing nut for 2-wheels and 4-wheels vehicles. and Screws �


Planning,development and sales of all industrial fasteners, various cutting goods,speciai cold headed parts,precision pressed parts,composition components, die-casting parts,lost wax casting parts,sintered parts,MIMparts.

アンスコ タイランド / ANSCO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

Ansco, that is No.1 small-sized socket screw maker, will supply the high-strength and high-accuracy bolts made in THAILAND.


Metal plate & Metal machining parts, handling orders from single piece with short lead time. We will provide products with Japanese quality from Amata city in Rayong .

日成牛山(タイランド)株式会社 / NISSEI USHIYAMA (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

We import "SOLENOID", Automotive Electrical Shift-Lock Device, from China factory and sell to T1 maker in Thailand as trading company. Also, we handle Chinese "SILICONE FIBERGLASS TUBE", "UL Electric Cable", etc. as sales agent.


We are providing IT solutions for the factory. Main product →Support analysis of causes of defective products. 【Business】System Integration, Other. 【Locations】Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.

[New] Safety cover for fan

Safety cover attached to electric fan

[New] Bell mouth


[New] Frame

Sheet metal

[New] Nail

Processing of ceramic

[New] Nut

Lost wax

Motor base




Quality management system support solution. System Name is Factory Zero-QC.

We realize to reduce the percent defective and cost!! [1] This solution can analyze "SPC (statistical process control)" and "MSA (measurement system analysis)". It is important for quality assurance management. [2] This solution corresponds to "IATF 16949". It is the standard of the quality management system of the automobile industry [3] This solution can be introduced to injection molding manufacturers with a non customization. (Suitable for QC operations of various industries such as metal parts processing and assembly processing).

Quality management system support solution. System Name is Factory Zero-QC.

We realize to reduce the percent defective and cost!! [1] You can standardization of inspection procedures and quality management. [2] You can perceive the results of inspections in real time correctly by synchronizing with inspection machines automatically. [3] You can data analysis of inspection results and unified management of inspection result data. [4] Traceability. [5] You can "realization of visualization (MIERU-KA)" by utilizing data.

Production Management System focused on the company expanding business to south-east Asia market (SimLex series).

Step by step deployment and upgrading. And low cost and short deployment period due to non customization. Accuracy of stock level is possible to achieve more than 98%. And coverage of the production management system, sales management and accounting system which can be fitted to BOI rules.