Mfair Bangkok 2019

Questions Regarding the Event Hall
How can I get to the event hall?
Please click the link to see map and instructions  Click here
Can visitors participate in matching activities with the exhibitors?
Organizer will provide matching service between visitors and exhibitors based on exhibitors’ procurement needs.
Questions Regarding Exhibition
I would like to know the schedule for all 3 days.
The 3-days period of Mfair will consist of matching activities between exhibitors & exhibitors (with pre-event matching services) and between exhibitors & visitors. When there is no scheduled business meeting, exhibitors are free to use the time available to visit other booths or do meetings with other visitors.
My company is not a manufacturer. Can I exhibit in this fair?
Solution companies that provide services to manufacturers (logistics, IT, trading and so on) can exhibit in the Solution Area. However, machine tool manufacturers cannot exhibit in the fair. We recommend such companies to exhibit in Manufacturing EXPO (which is held in the same location) instead.
How much is the exhibition fee? Can I pay in Japanese yen?
For detail regarding exhibition fee, please see the page “How to Exhibit”. Applicants can choose to pay in THB or JPY.
I have no company in Thailand. Is it possible for me to exhibit in Mfair?
Yes. You can exhibit in Mfair.
How many booths can one company rent?
A company can own no more than a booth.
Is it possible to exhibit in the fair with only sales needs?
What is the pre-event matching service?
This service could help you find matching partners and set the meeting date and time before the event begins. By using this service, exhibitors can increase their chance of finding good matching partners within the limited event period (those who wish to apply for this service will need to register their company information and needs on the website and request matching with a company they are interested in). The companies who apply for this service will receive a matching schedule via e-mail before the event.
Can you explain the meaning of “register your company’s needs”?
It means registering information regarding the materials/parts you want to buy, the products you want to sell and the type of company you would like to meet during the event. Once you register these information on our website, we will use it to find the right matching partner for you.
Can I display or demonstrate my products in the booth?
Yes, you can display or demonstrate your products inside your own booth area. However, please refrain from making loud noises or smoke.
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