Mfair Bangkok 2018

[New]  【バイヤー】ホンダロック タイ / 【buyer】Honda Lock Thai Co., Ltd

It is a company that manufactures and sell parts for motor cycle (KEY SET · WHEEL SENSOR etc.), parts for car (KEY SET · OUTSIDE HANDLE · DOOR MIRROR · WHEEL SENSOR etc).

[New]  Superman Foam Industry Co.,Ltd.

We established in 2004, in order to produce the goods related to packaging of automobile, electronics and furnitures, etc. We always offer the better products with never be satisfied the present condition.

[New]  Abatek (Asia) Public Company Limited

We are a leading global manufacturer and supplier of rubber parts, silicone keypads, membrane switches, assemblies, connector, thermal pads and various input solutions for use in automotive, medical and electronic devices.

[New]  JSR Trading Bangkok Co.,Ltd.

We, JSR Trading Bangkok Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of JSR Corporation, supplying synthetic rubber ,rubber chemical products and steel made logistic equipment

[New]  コバヤシコーポレーション(タイランド) / Kobayashi Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.

Auto parts by precision machining and grinding. By efficient combination of in-house production machines and commercial machines, we respond to customer’s demands of mass production and multi-kind and small quantity production.

株式会社尾関ホットランナープラン / Ozeki Hot Runner (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

We are a company that designs, manufactures and sells hot runner systems in plastic injection molding.

竹田盛安(泰国)有限公司 / Takeda Moriyasu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Our company is Group company of China serve in Japanese&European companies.Collection of press,injection mold,arcwelding&Elec.Assy etc.We expand overseas business by accumulated experience.Thailand as one of the ring serve to you.


Our company is producing metal spring and press parts .We have a group company in Thailand .Company name is MORITA SPRING (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.We can support customer in Japan and Thailand.

日新電機タイ 株式会社 / NISSIN ELECTRIC CO., LTD.

Nissin Electric Thailand has manufacturing many kind of metal fabrication, we have cutting, machining, plating, welding,painting and assemble process in house. Also we can provide PVD/DLC coating in Thailand.

ヨシダエヌピーエムタイランド / Yoshida NPM(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Yoshida NPM(Thailand) company joined NPM Alliance Group. Our group technology "ONE STOP SUPPLY" for production and delivery of Iron & Aluminum casting and machining and assembly which are all tailor-made according to each order.

[New] Dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, mold temperature controller,

We deal with Plastic molding ancillary equipment, Dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, mold temperature controller, etc.

[New] Screw Slotting Cutters

SPEC: Minimum OD 5mm Maximum OD 200mm Thickness 0.05mm~10.0mm

[New] Metal Slitting Saw

SPEC: Minimum OD 5mm Maximum OD 200mm Thickness 0.05mm~10.0mm

[New] Slitter Knife (double/single)

SPEC: Minimum OD 5mm Maximum OD 200mm Thickness 0.05mm~10.0mm

Reverse rivet

This Blind rivet can remove and tighten again.

Original Design Manufacturing

By collaborating with our head office Tohoku Pioneer Co., we are pleased to receive entrusted business offer from product development to manufacturing.Taking advantage of our experience in car market, we will offer one-stop ODM solution with high-level of quality control system. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Assembly of semi-finished product

We have the technology to produce motor drive assembly for automotive and home appliance with high-quality and high-efficiency. Automation is developed by in-house, we can provide the line and products with high satisfaction of customer. Please feel free to contact us.