Mfair Bangkok 2019

[New]  ユウワベトナム / YUWA VIETNAM CO.,LTD

Injection molding of precise plastic part, make and process molding die and molding part, assembly of plastic part. Provide inspection services of electronic parts. Provide repairing services, maintenance mold


Sprocket, chain, pulley, belt, gear, idler sprocket, plastic article

[New]  【Buyer】Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a company with 100% Japanese investment capital, specialize in manufacturing the Japan top household electronic.With advance technology have been summed up for more than 90 year in Japan.


Our company was established as a production base of mobile cranes.Integrated production system from cutting and welding process of material to assembly process of originally designed truck chassis.

[New]  世紀株式会社 / SEIKI HOT RUNNERS (S.Z.) CO.,LTD

SEIKI HOT RUNNERS is a manufacturer of runnerless equipment for thermoplastic injection molding and LSR and rubber molding.

Suzuki Latex Industry Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Suzuki Latex Group is a pioneer in manufacturing latex products with more than 90 years experience. We supply many kinds of finger cots worldwide. Our high quality products can meet the various demands in the high tech industries.

【Buyer】富士電機(タイランド)社 / 【Buyer】Fuji Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Fuji Electric product and sales the Electric product of Power and Social Infrastructure, Industrial Infrastructure, Power Electronics, Electronic Devices and Food and Beverage Distribution.

Ultra Technology Co., Ltd.(Neocareer group)

We are Fintech company that established by Neocareea group in Japan.Our group have 95 offices around the asia. Maximizing use of our real-life, digital and global platforms, we offer a range of customer growth-oriented services.

東富士電機株式会社 / Tofuji Thailand Co.,Ltd

Our company is handling verious kind of metal, plastic, mecanical, and electric parts as a trading company with related manufacturing firms as well as International Procurement office .

株式会社武蔵テクノケミカル / Musashi Techno Chemical Co., Ltd.

With production bases in Japan and China, we maintain a sales network and provide total washing services in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

[New] Castrol Industrial Lubricants

Do you have any problem in current your Lubricants, such as cutting oil & Rust preventive oil, Hydraulic oil? Please consult with current your problem. Castrol would always support your production improvement as global lubricants supplier. Metal Working Fluid / Hydraulic Oil / Cleaner / Rust Corrosion Oil / Gear Oil / Form Oil / etc

[New] 310Micro

It is very difficult to find Micro Screws to buy small amount, but 310EXPRESS COMPANY helps you to purchase these kind of screws.

[New] Neat Cutting Oil: Variocut

"Variocut" apply to General cutting, Drilling, Grinding, Honing etc. We will propose specific product with your production line.

[New] Rust Preventil Oil: Rustilo

There are various type of Rust Preventive Oil we have. We will offer based on your protection guarantee period and any request.

[New] New Technology Coolant: Castrol XBB

Castrol XBB use a dual-action chemical buffer that resists changes in pH. The result is better machining performance, for longer than standard cutting fluids. XBB is apply to global chemical regulations & environment laws.

Dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, mold temperature controller,

We deal with Plastic molding ancillary equipment, Dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, mold temperature controller, etc.