Mfair Bangkok 2019

[New]  株式会社エクストエンジニア / EXTENGINEER CO.,LTD

Our factory has NC automatic lathe, NC lathe, machining center

[New]  キワインダストリー / KIWA INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.

Kiwa Industry Vietnam has established Japanese quality.We can supply low to high volume with various kind of products with our machining Center, NC milling, Wire-electrical discharge machine, grinding machine etc.

[New]  (株)ソーデナガノ(タイランド) / SOODE NAGANO(THAILAND)CO.,LTD.

Design and produce Tooling for Stamping, with metal forming process and secondary process such as Stamping, CNC-Lathe, Tumbling(Barrel), Heat Treatment and Washing. Also, certified with TS16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

[New]  株式会社カノウプレシジョン / KANOU PRECISION (JAPAN) CO.,LTD.

We have been working hard to pursue Japanose quality standard products at Chinese competitive pricing.Our company specializes in FA automation parts,Press deep drawing goods,and Press mold parts.Wermly welcom to Kanou group.

[New]  株式会社ホシモト / Hoshimoto Co.,Ltd

As a manufacturer of metal fittings and industrial machine parts,HOSHIMOTO offers a wide range of standard products including handles,locks,hinges,stud bosses, spacers,brackets and copper bars.


Business Description:Production and sale for weld nut and piaccing nut and Screws / Produce:Weld nut and piaccing nut for 2-wheels and 4-wheels vehicles. and Screws �


Endo Vietnam Company Limited(Endo Seisakusho) was established in 2013. Machining is our main metal part precision manufacturing method, manufacture of precision mechanical components.


We make metal processing of various industrial fields without caring about the shape and material difficulty. The production system is strengthened by introducing a 5-axis machining center in 2017 and two CNC lathes in 2018.

三木プーリ株式会社 / Miki Pulley Co.,Ltd.

We are comprehensive manufacturer of power transmission and control equipment. We surely solve the customer problem one-by-one and suggest total solution to customers by variety products line-up with original know-how.

三次元スキャンテクノロジー協会 / 3D Scan Technology Association(3DST)

We are 3D digitizer association. We were established to support as 3D scanner adviser, also provide advice for anyone who is new to 3D digitization. We are conducting activities to disseminate measurement know-how for companies.

[New] Handles AB-460 Series

● Waterproof (using O-ring and sheet packing) ● For both left-hand and right-hand use.(the left-hand or right-hand use can be changed by reversing the cam and stopper plate) ●Finish:Satin chrome plating ●Specific Use:Electric distribution and control panels

[New] Hinges


●Mounting screws in the bracket insert have high strength.

[New] Grommets

Zinc Diecasting

Zinc Diecasting OEM

Flat Handles AB-50

● For both left-hand and right-hand use. (the left-hand or right-hand use can be changed by reversing the cam and stopper plate) ● Mounting bracket is set so that installation is easy and convenient. ● The renewed design of the button, it is more enhanced operability of the button PUSH.


●Various sizes are available